Revilla Grooves and Gear

I recently had my web site rebuilt. Tracey joined us for our anniversary sale and began shooting. What I found most interesting was, we barely noticed the camera. I thought a handful of photos had been taken. Tracey asked me to pose for one shot and that was all. Two days later I received an email. She took over 70 pictures on the day. If my site was dedicated to having fun at a record store I could have used every last one. Instead my designer and I picked about a dozen to use. Tracey’photos took the site to the next level. Tracey has a knack for cap
turing people in natural emotional states. That day, she captured the joy and vibe of my shop. Tracey’s hard work and attention to detail have made my hard work and love of my business pay off that much more. We will work together again.” -Darren Revilla, owner,  Revilla Grooves and Gear