Spread Your Fire

Abracadabra, the magic word used by people everywhere, comes from the Hebrew abreq ad habra and it means, “Keep spreading your fire until the end.” -Eduardo Galeano

Camiesha Cassanova, Rockaway Beach, Sept 18, 2016
Camiesha Cassanova, Rockaway Beach, Sept 18, 2016

Spread Your Fire Productions is a full service production company that creates beautiful imagery to share your vision, tell your story and build your brand. From conception to execution, we are committed to creating copy, photography and video that communicates your message to your audience.  Combining creativity and technical expertise behind the camera, SYF brings stories to life with compelling imagery and professionalism.

Spread Your Fire Productions is a woman-owned business that knows for artists and entrepreneurs, it’s more than just business. It’s what makes you wake up in the morning and why you collapse after a hard day’s work at night. Whether shooting a new series of customized head shots that reflect your company’s personality, or designing an original strategy to (re-)launch your company’s brand, to creating visually stunning content for your website and social media channels,  Spread Your Fire Productions can help you bring your vision into the world.

Video packages encompassing pre-production through post begin at $4000. Creating a library of stock photography for your business for use on social media, on  your website and in print, begin at $2000. Contact us either by email or at 973-868-6393 today to find out how we can help you grow your business.

Let’s make some magic.


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