#wearenotafraid #weareorlando

My mother’s family is from Ireland, and as a result, island blood pumps through my veins. When you’re from an island, you think the world is a tiny place, and so you make it so, approaching every social gathering with a gregariousness that assumes we have been friends and family forever. Irish, Puerto Rican, Cubans, perhaps partly genetic and partly political, evolving from our need to travel across the ocean to be able to find something to eat, something to dream, we can’t see imaginary boundaries and divisions between people. My love goes out to Orlando, my love goes out … Continue reading #wearenotafraid #weareorlando

Elevate, Saturday November 21, 2015

On Saturday, Sirena and Chelo Mercado of Sirelo Entertainment  brought “Gratitude”, part of a monthly series Elevate, to Jersey City’s new club, Transmission giving us all a reason to be grateful. Every time I am around these two and their drum corps, I find more reasons to be in love with everything around me. Keep your calendar clear for Elevate’s next event, coming soon!   Continue reading Elevate, Saturday November 21, 2015