boysdancetoo. Creating a community.

Michael and Sarah, the owners of boysdancetoo, are interested in more than just selling dance wear for boys and men, they envision creating the space for an international community that supports and promotes male dancers. Though photography, video and blog posts, we created a message of strength and confidence to inspire and celebrate male dancers, clarifying their mission and brand identity. Most recently we collaborated on a short promo (LINK HERE) for social media and online platforms advertising White Dance Tights. In less than 2 days,  the video received over 2500 hits on FaceBook, and, according to owner Michael Colucci,  “The tights are the fastest selling new release since the launch of our company 6 years ago.”

The  On the Rise Video Series, a collection of profiles on male dancers, reinforces a commitment to excellence and creates a bond between boysdancetoo and the emerging and established dancers they support.

“After 5 years of hiring Tracey year after year for photo shoots, I hired Spread Your Fire Productions to create meaningful branded content for my company, Boys Dance Too. In that time, Tracey has worked closely with me and my team to articulate our mission through photography, copy and videography. She is an extremely talented videographer and photographer, in addition to writing excellent copy for our blog. In creating successful content that speaks to our customer base, the process is very collaborative, and Tracey helps us bring our vision to life. Her turn around is quick and she is committed to the success of our company, which is reflected in her work. ” -Michael Colucci, owner, Boys Dance Too


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