Remember Yourself.

Remember yourself, I said
when I started making letters

Remember yourself. Pencil,pen, crayon, marker, paint, tattoo,
blood, stone, cloud, river, taco, building, street, drum, shit, cum, electricity, spit, ethics.

Film, window, black, raindrop, earth, snow, people, dancing, theater. Tickets.

Remember yourself and

People don’t own you. even your best friend. Even your hus. Band. Even your sis. Ter.

Remember yourself.

You’re a goddamn visionary. A rainbow elephant unicorn torn page cream pie. A tree. an Oak Tree.

You’re a fucking oak tree crammed into the mouth of a wine bottle.


Remember yourself. Revolt. Kill. Die, Love, Fuck.

Remember yourself.
We are all alive, we are living.

Remember yourself: code 01110101

Remember yourself,

scribble, scribble, on a napkin. Blow a kiss. roll some sweet weed. Write it all down. Roll down the window. Tell some secrets.

Forget I told you anything.

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